Making a Will in Perth

Professional Will Writing Service in Perth

Getting your Will written in Perth

You owe it to the ones you leave behind to make sure you have a valid Will and your estate is handled in a professional and independent manner.

By taking the time now, you can eliminate potential conflict and misunderstanding and ensure that your beneficiaries receive the maximum value and benefit out of what you leave them after you’ve gone.

By having your affairs in order you will ensure that red tape, legal and family disputes are minimised.

Professional & Independent

Guardian Wills and Probate have a lifetime of experience.

They take a common sense approach and can assist in:

  • Preparing your Will  and providing sensible advice in sensitive areas.
  • Preparing your Enduring Power of Attorney.
  • Provide assistance for your appointed executor and help with legal and accounting issues.

Guardian Wills and Probate will:

Discuss the best way to make bequests of personal items to family members.

Discuss of how to set up trusts for minor children. Ensure a fair and equitable distribution of your assets.

Discuss with you how to identify and appoint appropriate guardians for your minor children.

Discuss making provisions in your Will for your funeral arrangements.

Standard Wills - $495.00 per couple.

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