Further point to consider when making a Will

A Will is just words on a piece of paper.  However, those words have to be correct and properly expressed to convey your wishes.

There is a litany of evidence showing that people’s wishes were not evident in their Will due to the fact it not been fully thought through and correctly drawn up.

Lawyers are kept busy and families argue and break apart.

Seems silly doesn’t it!  A lifetime of work, yet the reluctance to put a correctly drawn Will in place for your family’s legacy and security.  


Do you have the answers to the following?

Who would you like to nominate as Guardian for your children?

If one of your children should predecease you, would you wish their children (your grandchildren) to inherit their share?

Do you know what a Total Failure Clause is?

Do you need to have a Total Failure Clause?


Are you in a relationship?

Are you in a second marriage?

Do you each have children of your own?


Is your property jointly owned or owned as tenants in common in equal shares?

Will the ownership of the home make a difference in the wording of your Will?

Family Trust

Do you have a Family Trust and does that have to be reflected in your Will?


Do you have a binding or non-lapsing nomination on your superannuation?


What are your funeral wishes?

  • Burial or Cremation
  • Religious or non religious


Do you want your family to seek help from your accountant/financial planner?



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