Executor Assististance



The person you appoint as executor is there to ensure that the directions in your Will are carried out exactly as you decided.

Although it can be fairly straightforward, a person who has never been in this position before may need some guidance.

By using Guardian Wills and Probate to help your executor take care of the administration, disputes can be resolved quickly, sensibly and according to the law.

The cost is a once only administration fee (which excludes out of pocket expenses such as the lodgement of documents) and it is a fraction of what a trustee company would charge.

Our Executor Assist Services in Perth include:

  • Preparing the Grant of Probate and Transfer of real esate.
  • Corresponding with banks, other financial institutions, superannuation and insurance funds and Government departments (e.g. Centrelink, Veterans Affairs, Nursing Homes and Retirement Villages).
  • Assisting the executor in the collection and distribution of bank accounts, investments and other assets.


In fact we assist the executor to do most of the things required to bring the administration of the Will to a successful conclusion and ensure that the beneficiaries of the Will receive the correct inheritance.

Professional, unobtrusive help for your executor – at a sensitive time.

The costs are normally minimal by comparison with trustee companies.

Standard Wills - $495.00 per couple.

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